We are a mystic halleujah, an introspective hallucination for a new generation to come. Our musical aim is to generate an experimental sound colliding an alternative rock soul into an electronic suit.

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Our core is composed by two elements landed in Bristol in 2015:

Luca Macchi

lead singer, piano player and songwriter

"I studied Jazz singing at the Scuola Civica di Jazz in Milan (Italy) and at the same time rock and interpretation with several vocal trainer.

My experience is based on different projects from the Civica Jazz Choir to my first rock/electronic band called Malgrado Urbano passing by several years as a sing and song writer.

My background has given me the opportunity to feel free to experiment with my voice and my writing without any prejudice about genre."

Giuliana Fioretti

sound designer and dj

"I found my roots in punk and melodic noise music which through the years started to blend and evolve into an electronic style.

My background though, comes from Visual Art and Art New Media studies at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (Italy).

That brought me to join my interests and start working at environmental sound installations and that give me a great key of interpretation of my role in this music project."

We're lucky then to collaborate with others musicians both for recordings and live sessions, such as Pasquale Votino on double bass.


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